Friday, October 22, 2010


Well, I'm trying to get back into crafting mode.  I think the best way to describe my work style is that I work in spurts, or as some people would say "fits and starts" (sort of how my blogging goes, huh?... lol).  I suppose that I should be more diligent about creating when my muse speaks to me...  I often get wonderful, inspiring ideas... ideas which I think I'll remember or I sketch out on a random scrap of paper to (hopefully) revisit whenever I get time to spend in the studio.  These great inspirations have a way of either being forgotten (sometimes sadly forever) or piling up.  At the moment I'm feeling a little overwhelmed because I have a lot of great ideas that are waiting to become reality.  This piling up of ideas isn't a bad thing, at least it wouldn't be if I actually treated myself to more studio time... Ah, my constant enemy, the clock!  I always feel pulled in a thousand different directions and actually lose sleep thinking about all the things I have to (or want to) do.  Presently I'm reading E.B. White's book One Man's Meat, and there is a funny chapter (entitled "Memorandum" - a list of some 200 chores around the place that demanded immediate attention) which feels pretty much like every day of my life! 

I guess the good news in there is that I intend to devote myself to more studio time soon and that means new ideas will be forthcoming.

This week I really tried to get myself back into business mode.  I created a new store front on Artfire, you can find it here:
New items will be listed there throughout the upcoming week and (hopefully) consistently thereafter.
Please check out the new site and let me know what you think!  And check out the many other wonderful artists also on Artfire.  Though Artfire seems to have less traffic than Etsy, I have high hopes for its future success. 

I still have my site on Etsy, and intend to keep that going as well.  This week I took my Etsy out of vacation mode and listed a few new items (different from those which are listed on Artfire), with more to come over the next week.  I am also trying to be more involved over at the PCAGOE (Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy)....  I have signed up to take part in their special Holiday Promotion and am gearing up my Etsy shop for the promo.  I am very excited about taking part in this promotion.  Very soon, I'll be posting more info about the promotion and how you can win hundreds of dollars worth of fantastic polymer clay pieces made by participating PCAGOE members.... so check back in a week or two for the details!!