Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Voting time.... July 2012 PCAGOE Challenge

It's voting time again... This month's theme is Extruded Art.

About the Challenge: 
Polymer clay extruders work much like a cookie press, using metal disks to shape clay forced through the tube. Our artist-members tested their skills this month to see what they could create with extruded clay. The only rules were that the project had to incorporate extruded clay and be at least 50% polymer clay.

Here are the entries:
 Well, I've managed to enter another challenge, that makes something like 4 in a row!  That's a definite record for me!  I'm not sure I'll be able to enter the August challenge, as the veggie gardens will be rockin' then and I'll be in the throes of picking, preparing and putting up the harvest.  If I can squeeze in some time in the studio, I'll certainly try to do a challenge piece, as this next month's theme is a charity theme... I always love doing the charity challenges and really hate to miss this one.

Here's a larger photo of my entry for this month:
This piece was created while playing around with clay when "babysitting" my niece and nephew... I had an idea in my mind for the challenge and this isn't exactly what I originally intended, but my original intents usually take detours while I'm in the creative process!  My niece and nephew enjoyed playing with the clay and creating their own little pieces of art, so this piece resembles a fun and memorable evening for me.

If you haven't yet voted in the challenge, please go there now and cast your vote for your 3 favorite entries!  Go to:  http://www.polymerclayartists.blogspot.com/