Thursday, December 6, 2012

Monochromatic Ornaments

Busy month, so not much time to post... but I wanted to share my entry for the December 2012 Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy challenge.  This month's theme was monochromatic, or one hue and it's tints and shades.  My entry is a set of 3 dimensionally designed ornaments that were indeed a challenge for me to create.  I had seen the interlocking shapes idea from a wooden snowflake ornament and decided that I would try it out in polymer.  It took a while to get the proper gauge of the polymer and proper cutting, and a few days simply designing various shapes.  I think I designed about 20 different shapes which I hope to some day make, but if you know me, that may take a few years as I'm so scattered that I move right on to the next idea!  Still promising that Tiffany tutorial, just haven't had the time to get to it yet!  Any way, here are my ornaments for the challenge (this set is available in my etsy shop and more photos are on my flickr photostream:

Voting is still open, but you only have one more day!  Voting closes on Dec. 7th at midnight EST.  If you'd like to vote, please go to:
If you do vote, you could be one of 3 lucky voters to win a prize!

Here are the other lovely entries, tough pick this month as they're all winners!