Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A little bit rusty, a little bit busy

 I've been tied up with a custom order lately, so I haven't had the chance to post any new items to any of my shops; I haven't had time to play with my new purple kiln (more about that soon!); and I didn't have time to make a new piece for the challenge this month.  Fortunately, I had a recently made piece that I could submit for this month's Faux themed PCAGOE challenge.  If you have read my blog before, you will recognize it as the piece I made in the faux rusted metal tutorial which you can find here.  Here is a photo of that rusted metal pendant necklace:

You can view more photos of this necklace in my etsy store and my flickr photostream.  And here are the other artist offerings for this month's Faux challenge:

Ah, the possibilities with polymer seem endless!  And these pieces are so well done that the voting this month is another tough choice.  Speaking of voting, please do head over to the PCAGOE blog and vote for your 3 favorite entries!!  You could win a prize (3 lucky voters will be randomly chosen for a prize!).  You have until midnight on 2/7/13 to cast a vote, so if you're catching this post on the day I'm writing it, you only have a day and a half!

So, back to the custom order.  In total, I've made something like 22 pendants for this order.  No, the customer isn't going to buy all of them, I just like to give a customer lots of options when I'm given a somewhat open ended design request.  The good news is that the customer has decided to take 5 of the necklaces; 4 of which are completed.  The 5th is still in progress.  So I decided I'd share here what has been consuming my energies and free time this past month.  This particular customer had seen one of my necklaces with a real flower incorporated in the design in my artfire shop.  That necklace also had an unusual asymmetrical hanging design.  The only parameters were to create a piece with the asymmetrical necklace hanging design, a hydrangea flower, and colors in the purple family.  Here are a few of the pendant options that I created (some of which only use a hydrangea petal, some have a skeleton hydrangea petal, and still others have a full hydrangea flower):

There are many more that I created, all of the extras will be popping up in my etsy or artfire shops.  And here are the 4 that were chosen by the customer and have been turned into finished necklaces (the 5th one is being cured today and will hopefully be finished and hung tomorrow):