Monday, April 2, 2012

Vote to Win! PCAGOE April Challenge

This month's PCAGOE (Polymer Clay Artist Guild of Etsy) challenge theme is Layers.  Please go vote at the following link:

As you can see, there are lots of wonderful entries this month:

Layers take many forms in polymer work and for our April PCAGOE challenge, we explored lots of layering techniques from mokume gane in which a design is created by manipulated and slicing into the layers, to 3-D designs where the layers are built up from the background, and the sutton slice technique where thin layers of clay are stamped and sliced to reveal the design. (taken directly from the pcagoe blog)

My entry:  #15. Layers of Black White and Silver   has a solid black bottom layer with circle shape cut out negative space, then a layer of window screen with some liquid polymer clay drizzled in some areas of the screen, then a layer of black polymer clay with crackled silver leaf and finally a layer of white polymer clay that has been dyed with fabric.

Here's a better photo of my entry (more photos of this item can be found on etsy at:

Again, please vote between now and April 7th, 2012 midnight EST at