Friday, February 6, 2015

Your Voting Reminder and a Prelude to Upcoming News

Well, I've done it again and delayed my reminder post until the day before the last! Yes, voting is open and will only be open through tomorrow (ends at midnight EST on the 7th) But hey, I remembered, even if it's a last minute effort! ;)

Check out this wonderful graphic created by Marie Young of Marie Young Creative - it features Marie's wonderful foxy sculpture that she made for this challenge:

So, please do, if you haven't already, Go Vote! But wait!... before you do, I have some upcoming news about new projects and directions I plan to take Create My World Designs in the coming year and beyond. I have too little time today to write about it, so I will try to get a post written this weekend or at least by sometime next week! If you're a fan of mine on Facebook you might have noticed a hint of this in some new etsy listings and a project that I worked on for a friend (which I'll be sure to show off in the next post!)... so check back in a week or so, to get the full scoop!  Okay, now, Go Vote! Please and Thank you! ;)


  1. Thanks for sharing my graphic. I've discovered and I'm addicted! I can't wait to see more of the graphics you are creating. I love the black cats!

    1. Thanks Marie! I've been loving the graphics you've been creating for the challenges, glad to share them! :)


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